Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Purple is the new black.


Purple is the new black in the last 2-3 winters.
Purple is not too dark color but has its unique elegant look.

If Im not mistaken ,in the 14th century, purple was considered to be color that only the royal family could where for a while.
You can see a great mix of purple fashion on the right picture.

I found this romantic purple silk bolero-that can be a great solution for windy nights.
Very romantic and vintage look-no one will miss you.

Designer shop here:

During my web search for victorian items ,I run into this unique romantic hat.
The hat has large edges and a lot of purple flowers and purple fabric on top.
Maybe it will be useful next summer....

I found this purple art inspiration ,very romantic and delicate, this one is an eye catcher.
This print is made by talented artist from Estonia.
In her collages she combines photos and scans of her original embroideries and photos of people, nature and flowers taken over the years.

You an see her shop here:

My purple jewelry for this winter combine glass flower beads, large cameo brooch-that can bring to life any jacket.

You can see more items on my shops:


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snow White.


When you think of white-what is first thing that comes to your mind?
Purity ?snow? winter? ice?

White connected to many different thoughts,feelings or emotions, for different people or in different cultures .
Most people relate white with purity, heaven, cold ,fairy and more.

As a pet lover I add photo of my favorite animal-tiger.
In the whole world there are around 400 unit of the white/siberian tiger-it's very sad, so please do not buy cloth or shoes made from animals.

I have a separate white and pearl collection for brides and bridesmaids.
Working with brides is real treat for my,here are some samples of my new white collection:

*White vintage belt.

*New white beaded lace headband.

You can find more new items in my shops:


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Vintage-what is that?


I am a big fan of vintage accessory, cloth and all historical elements.
This is my first writing-enjoy.

I will try to update my blog every friday so you will have something interesting to read in the weekend and get inspired from.
I will also add info about worldwide trends-not necessarily vintage.
If you have interesting shop/item/blog/idea- connected to vintage please write me and maybe I will advertise it.

If you will search the term "vintage" in google-you will find that the definition of the word comes from "vin-tage- in wine-making, is the process of picking grapes and creating the finished product."

In Israel we celebrate the new year also by drinking wine like every occession and other people around the world.

Here are some vintage greeting cards from Israel .
We use to send those card maybe 10 years or more,now most people use text massages or emails.....

Another local costume is to eat apple with honey-so you will have a sweet and good year.

Back to some fashion-this is my honey bee vintage necklace
You can purchase it here with other items: