Friday, January 24, 2014

Flowers for Valentine

Usually Love and Valentine's day means heart and flowers.
Here are some original floral gifts.

* The original gift: Romantic leaf lamp- you can buy it here:

*The Romantic floral gift. here is link to the shop:
*Flowers for the house: Lovely floral pillows.

*Flowers in your hair0unique original hair accessorry.

What about Flowers for your men:

*Floral golden ring-romantic and classic.

*For me hand made greeting card with words from the heart will do the it as well(-:

Happy Valentine's

Friday, January 17, 2014

Nature Love


Ad Valentine's Day coming soon we have another holiday here is Israel called: TU BESHVAT-it a date in this month which we celabrate holidays for the trees, give extra attention to nature, recycle and planting new trees to inlarge the green areas in out country.
In this mood I collected some Nature Inspired items.

Original gift for those who tend to forget important things..
You can buy it here:

Yummy Coconut..

Her lovely shop:

So cute upcycled Owls notebook

Her shop here:

Amazing photos that will make you fill outdoor all day

If you want to add some pink nature glam to your wedding-check out my pinterest board here:

Romantic floral hair pin athat will look great with almost any hair style

Link to item:

In my shop you can find diffrent unique hair accessories nature inspired, like this:

Online shop:

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